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Benefit from our strenghts for your advantage!
With the HPS-service you will be always having a reliable partner.

Always at the present state-of-the-art in terms of technology!
We have committed ourselves to this guideline in order to provide
highest product quality to our customers.



We guarantee best quality, long-term competence and maximum
performance strength. Our aim is your absolute satisfaction.


With our team of motivated and committed staff we guarantee short-term supply.


We make all arrangements for scheduling of your containers, pack according to your specifications and deliver as per your calls.



We keep our promises and comply with the agreements with you for punctual deliveries.


HPS Turned Parts supplies you with ready-for-assembly components including surface and heat treatments.


Our own tool making enables us to respond quickly to product modifications and realize them professionally.



We provide personal advise, inform you about the right material choice and the best price-performance ratio.



If requested we also run a 100% inspection of your turned parts.


Our production is equipped on an industry-leading technological level. Our machine park consists of various automatic lathes and machines for further processings. We can choose from different production methods to find the optimal way for the fabrication of your items in order to obtain the best price-performance-ration.

Our machine park consists of:

Metal cutting machines:

LICO Multiple Slide Lathes

  • Working range: Diameter Ø 10 – 65 mm
  • Length: up to 400mm
  • Multiple slide machining centre with simultaneous application of up to five machining tools for short cycle times with high economic efficiency.

HPS-SPRINT High-Speed Drehautomaten

  • Arbeitsbereich: Durchmesser Ø 5 – 42 mm
  • Länge bis 800 mm
  • Gleichzeitiger Einsatz von 5 Werkzeugen bei hoher Zerspanungsleistung.
  • Durch zusätzliche geringe Nebenzeiten ist eine wirtschaftliche Fertigung von Massendrehteilen möglich.
  • Hohe Wiederholgenauigkeiten und prozesssichere Fertigung.
  • Keine Produktionsausfälle durch verschleißfreie Maschinenteile.
  • Herstellung vom großen Teilespektrum möglich.

INDEX RN12 Ringdrehautomaten

  • Arbeitsbereich:  Durchmesser Ø 3 – 16 mm
  • Länge bis 400 mm
  • Wesentlicher Bestandteil ist der umlaufende Werkzeugkopf, der mit drei unabhängig voneinander arbeitenden Werkzeugen bestückt ist. Jedes Werkzeug arbeitet gegen Festanschlag. So wird eine hohe Maßgenauigkeit der Werkstücke erreicht. Ein wesentlicher Vorteil dieser Maschinen ist das butzenlose Abstechen.

STAR CNC Langdrehautomaten

  • Arbeitsbereich: Durchmesser Ø 3 – 32 mm
  • Länge bis 800 mm
  • Höchste Präzision, wirtschaftlich und zuverlässig

Processing machines:

  • Various automated drilling and countersinking machines
  • Cold forming machine for knurling and threading
  • Grinding unit for surface treatments
  • Sorting machines for 100% opto-electronical controlls

Tool making

Hans Peter Schulte GmbH has its own tool making to create fitting turning tools for prototypes and series parts. The tools are designed by means of CAD and are built on a high-precision tool grinding machine.

  • Flexible and short delivery times
  • Own in-house know-how of tool developing
  • Leading edge by long-term experience
  • High precision of the tools

Surface Treatment

We can provide you with pre-finished products with your required surface.

Examples for the range of available surface coatings:

  • burnished
  • anodized
  • KTL coated
  • zinc-flake coated
  • galvanized (blue, yellow, black)
  • zinc-iron coated
  • zinc-nickel coated
  • powder-coated
  • phosphatizations
  • chromium-plated
  • nickel-plated
  • copper-plated

Heat Treatment

We can provide you with pre-finished products with your required heat treatment.

Examples for the range of available heat treatments:

  • Heat treatment under protective gas
  • Case-hardening
  • Carbonitriding
  • Tempering under protective gas
  • Soft annealing
  • Normalising
  • Tenifer
  • Further heat treatments


Hans Peter Schulte GmbH moves and stores goods in its own warehouse of about 1.500m². The usage of efficient ERP software guarantees process safety and reliability
in view of supplying our customers.

In coordination with you we provide:

  • Provision of determined safety stocks
  • Picking in your containers
  • On-time delivery / Fixed delivery dates
  • Storage and use of your exchangeable load carriers
  • Complete shipping process including transport and customs formalities
  • Neutral labelling for direct shipping to the end customer
  • Data exchange via EDI

Measurement Technology

For the inspection of our products we need precise and reliable testing and measuring equipment. Therefore, we exclusively use measuring devices from market-leading manufacturers which meet our high quality requirements.

Examples of our available measuring devices::

  • Small measuring tools / manual testing equipment
    (outside micrometers, calipers, height gauges etc.)
  • Optical measuring devices from Mitutoyo, Keyence
  • Measuring device for the determination of surface roughness
  • Coating thickness gage FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XUL
  • and many more

Organization and Administration

Our business procedures are supported by highly effective ERP-, ECM– and CAQ software leading to efficient, transparent, fast and safe process flows. The complete IT infrastructure is powerfully networked and thus guarantees secure and automatic data exchange. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been installed for the electronic filing and administrating of business documents and information. All functionalities for efficient management, fast application and secure information controls are operated through the ECM. The documents are archived in an audit-proof and legally compliant way
and are immediately available if requested. We can therefore ensure the filing of important product documents (such as material certificates, inspection reports, sampling reports, etc.) and provide them at short notice when needed.

An overview about the applied software:

SAP® Business One

SAP® Business One is an integrated business solution which is exactly adapted to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time, responsible persons and employees of these companies can make use of a central application which automatises business procedures and at the same time provides reliable, clear and prompt access to the complete operation range of the enterprise. The SAP SME solution offers a comprehensive view on all business-critical processes in following divisions: sales, finance, purchase, warehouse management and production. It provides means of control and supervision in order to significantly improve business performance and secure sustainable growth.


Enterprise Content Management is used for the electronical filing and managing of business documents and information. All functionalities for efficient administration, fast application and safe supervision of information are made available throughout their whole life cycle. An ECM is the central knowledge platform where all information (paper-based and digital) converge and can be retrieved immediately by the employees if required.


The CAQ software Babtec.Q reliably supports us in quality planning, quality assurance and quality management. By using the CAQ solution Babtec.Q we fulfill all relevant requirements based on DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 as well as guidelines according to AIAG and VDA. Further, the system supports us to continuously improve our products and processes.


How to contact us:
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Hans Peter Schulte GmbH
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Tel.:  +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 19


Hans Peter Schulte GmbH
Unterm Knebel 3a
D-58840 Plettenberg / Oesterau

Tel.:  +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 19


Hans Peter Schulte GmbH
Unterm Knebel 3a
D-58840 Plettenberg / Oesterau

Tel.:  +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2391 / 6088 – 19